Our dream to bring products of CARLO BOSSI (Poland) to East African market, started realize in 2019 when we sign partnership agreement on cooperation.

In 2020 we establish in Tanzania the company CARLO BOSSI TANZANIA COMPANY LIMITED. which represent direct CARLO BOSSI (Poland) on East African market.

You don not must go to Poland (Europe) to speak direct with CARLO BOSSI. You are welcome to Tanzania, where you can order the best quality and beauty original products.

About Carlo Bossi (Poland)

The history of the company dates back to the 1980’s. Between 1983- 95 they were specializing in household chemistry and cosmetics. Since 1996 they have started producing perfume and beauty products. To create them they use components and resources of highest quality ordered from reputable European firms.

Elaborated by the company, very modern line of production gives the opportunity to obtain products which are safe and health friendly.

Carlo Bossi (Poland) owns private graphics studio, offset printer and proper devices used for creating overprint on glass packing. Huge experience, high quality of goods enable them to provide services in the field of design and production of perfume and beauty products. The company complete orders with a special concern of individual needs of them clients.

We all hope that them leading motto “We make YOUR dream come true” will be the guaranty of satisfaction and recognition among our clients.

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