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Perfume is a spirit solution of the fragrance that is a liquid mixture of natural and synthetic fragrances.

The smell changes over time depending on three fragrance lines

Head notes

contains volatile substances that evaporate and disappear the fastest. This is the first fragrance you feel when alcohol evaporates. It is a fragrance whose task is to encourage us to buy selected perfumes. Perceptible for 3 to 5 minutes

Middle notes

the centre of the fragrance contains medium volatile substances. Here the note is usually composed of floral and fruity fragrances and is combined with the still weak head note.

Bottom notes

is an aroma base that includes fixatives, tree fragrances, spices, extracts of oriental tree resins (forest tones), musk, amber, vanilla. They make perfumes last long after developing a bouquet of aromas

Scent notes often intertwine in a manner reminiscent of creating music or poems. So there are compositions with a leading smell created in such a way that in all three notes some of the ingredients have a similar smell; “rhymed” compositions, in which there are two or more similarly fragrant ingredients in the bottom note and head note, while the middle note is devoid of them, and the most difficult to compose, but at the same time the most original, “contrasting” compositions in which there are no repetitive ingredients, instead, there are ingredients that are in sharp contrast with each other, which is leveled and supplemented by neutral ingredients.

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